Voyage Corps Gifts and the Honor System Store

A message from Goatmother Industrial:

“Voyage Corps Gifts, a division of Goatmother Industrial, offers many gift-worthy art products for walls, pockets, hands, drawers, and minds. Voyage Corps Gifts was founded on the idea of the Reuse of the Neglected as well as the Misuse and Disuse of Craft. Originally, products were conceived and constructed in a 2003 Chevy Express moving at 65 to 70 MPH. Times change, as we all know, so the van has now become a folding chair, and the physical speed has morphed into a travel of the more philosophical and spiritual sort.

The Honor System Store is a entrepreneurial experiment, proving ground, and test market all rolled into one, allowing the customer to assign his or her own price to each purchased product.

The Honor System Store exclusively offers Voyage Corps Gifts, but our products offer more than that. They are a miniature, conceptual, social, and physical prototypes for future works and ventures. This is a version of a Research and Development Department, but with an open-door policy.
We at Goatmother Industrial are eager for a forum in which to engage with the public by offering colorful, collectible, and affordable merchandise.
We, as a company, are excited to meet you!”


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