“Breaking Away 2” (the 6th Street Mural)

“Breaking Away 2” is a privately-commissioned mural measuring roughly 45 feet in length and at points exceeding 20 feet in height. It is located on the western facing wall of 114 East 6th Street in Bloomington, Indiana.

It was conceived over the summer of 2012 and executed over a period of six days in late July 2012.

“Breaking Away 2” is an auto-biographical venture, being painted from the point of view of a 10+ year resident of the city. It revisits and updates consistent themes in Bloomington’s history, shows the passage of time through the appearance of out-dated media, and serves as a reenactment and sequel to the film from which it draws its name.

The photos that follow  document the preparatory drawings and mock-ups, the process, and finally, the finished work.

(The entire mural cannot fit into one shot, so the final documentary photograph is a composite of several shots, at times altering the perspective and scale of some of the subject matter.)

Photographic assistance by William Winchestor Claytor.

Special thanks to Chris and Ben Swanson.


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