REAM (with Lou Joseph)

REAM is a collaboration through the USPS between Mark Rice (Philadelphia) and Lou Joseph (Baltimore). Lou and Mark began with 500 sheets of office paper mailed back and forth over a ten-month period, each artist adding and subtracting layers with ink, paint, collage, stickers, spray paint, etc, to come up with 500 individual drawings. Using those images as raw materials, they have edited these drawings and reworked them into large-scale digital prints which were displayed in frames  to create a large flowchart, which both explain and obfuscate the various meanings and processes behind the work.

REAM was installed at the new Station North Chicken Box on the corner of Charles and North Ave in Baltimore, July 19 to 28, 2013. Thanks to Station North Arts District and Towson University for their support in the realization of this project.

What follows is a selection of photos at various stages of the process documenting the progress of the works. These photos are followed by documentation of the exhibition, and then photos of the works individually.

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