Center For Creative Works Student Portfolio

The Center For Creative Works is a non-profit vocational day program for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. The focus of the programming is the training and practice of skills in the creative arts such as sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, film, and music. The participants learn these techniques as a method of self-expression and also as part of a program that is therapeutic in nature.

My position at CCW is that of the printmaking instructor. I work with the participants on techniques in painting and drawing related to printmaking methods such as silkscreen and relief printing. We then work together to translate their art pieces into editioned products such as t-shirts, cards, and posters.

The printing vocation that they learn during the art-making process is used printing contract work that we accept on a regular basis, allowing the participants to be involved in both the creation and production of printed matter, generated by artists and clients alike.

Participants at CCW are financially compensated for their designs and labor, acting as a means of part-time employment.

If you would like to commission a printing contract with CCW please contact: COMING SOON!

To peruse the CCW’s  online store of participant-created products please visit: COMING SOON!

For more information about the Center for Creative Works to visit:

What follows is a gallery containing documentation of participant’s products and some process photos.





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