The Subsidiaries of Goatmother Industrial

The day I created my corporation, Goatmother Industrial, I had a horrible fever. I was on the phone with my mother and I turned into a goat. It seemed like it happened over a long period of time. The horns punched through my skull. My legs felt like they were broken at the knee, bend backward, and then reattached. My toenails caramelized and fused together to form the hoof. My stomach split in half…twice…to form the four stomachs of the buck I was becoming. Hair was everywhere. But I was brought out of the entire affair but my mother, who had realized that there was some distress on the other end of the telephone line and she asked, “Honey, are you alright?”

            “Yeah Mom, I’m fine.” I said.

That’s the day I went into business for myself.

I’m a big business man now.

Mark Rice, C.E.O and Team Leader of Goatmother Industrial

NOTE: Not all projects by Goatmother Industrial are attributed to the Goatmother Industrial title. To extend the corporate brand without positioning the powerful corporation as a monstrous Big Brother fixated on a “soft control” of eventually every market, works have also been accredited to several “subsidiary” monikers, referred to by the official Goatmother Industrial press release as “The Umbrella of Shame“.

Goatmother Industrial’s “Umbrella of Shame”


Knifekiss Productions

An alternate subsidiary focusing on paintings and works on paper

Spray the Hooray : Non-Athletic Games

An division bent on Preteen Projects and Presentation in the name of entertainment and interior strength and development.

 Thit (Soundage)

The moniker employed for non-collaborative musical endeavors

(this entity will collaborate with other entities)

Commanding Father Foods

Small edible and “tastefully positioned” compositions

Dogs in Paris

A clothing line for the fashionable canine

Fantum Limb Fanamatronix

Works of science fiction as a basis for devotion, faith, and reverence

Flowerpenis Apparel

A line of small-run t-shirts

The Honor System Store

An entrepreneurial experiment, dissemination machine, and “half-cocked concept launcher”

Voyage Corps Gifts

Company that supplies the products for the Honor System Store

Alottaknotts Apparel Company

Garments constructed of tied string and yarn

Lil’ Learner’s Books

A series of literature for quick, yet thoughtful perusal

Fort Polio

A series of portfolios used to promote the history of printmaking


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