What is Rungish?

Rungish is a phonetically-pronounced dialect of English. I invented this code and its term to describe a method of writing that I have used in my artwork for over a decade. Rungish takes the phonetic sounds of English words and breaks them into lines, or rungs, of three letters per line. The language is then read top-to-bottom, transforming the reading experience into an interactive performance.

I have used this method of writing in several projects over the years but the reason for its usage remains the same, to slow the reading process. The reader must concentrate and empathize with the text to make any sense of it. The presence of the language creates a curiosity, causing some individuals to interact with it, many of whom would never normally do so.

Originally used in the small paintings, Rungish was using in a large installation at the Fuller Projects in Bloomington , Indiana at an exhibition entitled Yung Mail Tails: The Reading Room Annex. Since then, it has been used in multiple installations and missions of rogue sculpture installation.

Most recently it was used as language for the book FLF, the 55-foot paper sculpture Pole Scroll, and for the installation Huge Weather: Station in Spartanburg, South Carolina. (all pictured below)

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