Spray the Hooray: Non-Athletic Games

Spray the Hooray Non-Athletic Games is a series of interactive sculptures that are documented through music, photo, and video . In this series, games were constructed by appropriating and redesigning traditional leisure sports. Next, a marketing campaign was re-imagined by producing a video commercial and a soundtrack as a response and document of these products. In my former 2-D work, I explored the roots of printmaking by incorporating the reproductive technique of engraving. Spray the Hooray is a continuation of this research into the power and art of documentation.

In this project, the marketing campaign of each product acts as its reproductive engraving or documentary photograph. These commercials and subsequent soundtracks advertise a distorted existence of these products, and within this distortion, the ability for embellishment, exaggeration, and creativity is supreme.

With increased access to art of all cultures and time periods, a fresh artistic perspective is becoming more difficult to achieve or may only be held by those who practice self-restraint with their creative research. This project is about the process of thinking and responding. Spray the Hooray is about the inherent entropic qualities of documentation and the infinite possibilities in a “reproduction.” It is a reaffirmation to the importance of “artistic exercise” without fear of redundancy.


For a link to the album on bandcamp:

Click the links for the Spray the Hooray commercials on Youtube:

Goat Sticks Commerical

Wind Bags Commercial

King Tackle Commercial

Mother Ball Commercial

Aire Gordins Commercial

Dirts Commercial

Rangy Racers Commercial

Dirts TOO Commercial

Roost Commercial

Pang-Pung Commercial

Mother Ship Commercial


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